IXS Community - RP Game - 6/22/21

Hey there, members of IXS! I am here to give you information and news on our new RP game. This is where the great news comes in:

  • We have successfully created an awesome team change UI that works!
  • Vehicle spawn lot has been created but doesn’t have any vehicles yet.

So, this is what you can do to help make our game and decide it’s future! If you have some ideas or suggestions, please tell us on our Discord server !

  • Suggest some new vehicles that could be added for a start [MEDIUM PRIORITY]
  • Send us some examples of custom maps we can consider from your ideas! [HIGH PRIORITY]

We really look forward to any suggestions and ideas you have. I am also extremely grateful that you continue to support IXS in this difficult time for us and the world.

The IXS Master

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