Jailbreak vs Prison Life

Hi all! I love jailbreak, what about you? I think it’s one of the best games. I discovered it many time after playing Prison Life. But, Prison Life is also a great game. I personally think Jailbreak is better, and I’ll give you 5 reasons.

R1: Jailbreak has a big map, and Prison Life doesn’t.

R2: Jailbreak has a lot of cars, Prison Life has a few.

R3: Jailbreak has a ton of ways of places to rob, Prison Life doesn’t even have one.

R4: Jailbreak has many guns, Prison Life has always the same guns, and are not even more than 10.

R5: Jailbreak has events, Prison Life doesn’t.

Summarizing, Jailbreak is BETTER than Prison Life.

Ok, so I think we can all agree jailbreak is better, but the real question is, madcity or jailbreak

I don’t actually play Jailbreak at all (other than just exploring the map), but based on what I’ve heard I think Mad City may be better.

I agree for the exact same reasons, but I think they both likely worked really hard on their games.

Cool! I’ll write about it maybe!

You mean something like an ebook?

I mean writing about Jailbreak vs Mad City

I’ve never played Prison Life, personally, and the last time I even entered Jailbreak was a year ago.

I personally think Jailbreak is more of a better game. It has a bigger map and it’s up to date with what Roblox does.
Where with Prison Life, it’s more of the old Roblox style, so if they were to update the game, they would have to remake the map to fit with the current style of Roblox.