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Friday, January 6th, 2023
Written by the jetPacific Human Resources & Public Relations teams.
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jetPacific is the primary roblox airline providing service to most Hawiian islands. We are proud to present a luxury experience for all of our passengers. jetPacific is the official successor to Explore Airlines, founded in June 2022, however, jetPacific was founded in December 2022. We are proud to say that there is no other airline like us on the platform. We are based in Lihue, Hawai’i. Our fleet is currently small, but always growing. Now, onto our role openings.

Role Openings

Below, are some of the roles available for you to apply for.
Last updated: 8:16 AM HST (Up to date - no changes pending) :heavy_check_mark:

Check-In Agent

This is a simple position, but doesn’t require any less. jetPacific owns a few SCI systems around the airport, but sometimes they will fail, or guests may just want some human interaction. In this case, they may come to the Check-In Assistance booth, where you will assist them with checking-in.
There is no need to review the users inventory, the system will alert you if they own the class or not.
You may also need to assist with boarding procedures depending on the amount of staff attending.

Ground Crew

Lead the plane in the right direction towards the runway, and assist with re-fueling, de-icing and other on the ground activities.
Depending on the staff turnout, you may also need to operate our ATC tower.

Flight Attendant

Economy Flight Attendant, Business/First Flight Attendant
This position is one of our most popular, serve drinks, snacks and assist in the flight, no matter how long the flight is, there will always be a decent amount of work, to ensure you don’t get bored (we don’t like being bored all that much either).

Blue Club Representative

This is our highest tier of FA staff. Blue Club has it’s own building, meaning you’ll escort the class, serve them and check them in, in addition to the normal duties of a Flight Attendant. This position may appear tough, but it’s thrilling and fun.

Pilot and Co-Pilot

This is our most sought after position, as who wouldn’t want to fly a plane? Pilots fly the plane for about 30 minutes, and get to make most of the in-air choices, such as if the plane needs to have an emergency landing. Our fleet has high quality FlyUI, so you’re able to see the details you need.

Flight Host - Full

You’ll host all the flights. You determine where the plane will depart from, and where it’ll arrive. You can also upgrade passengers, open or close the lounge, and do a wide variety of other fun things.

This position is full for the time being until we need more people to occupy this role.

Development Roles

Ever wanted to work for an airline, but don’t want to do any of the things listed above? Well you’re in luck! jetPacific is looking for developers!
Last updated: 2:39 PM HST (Up to date - no changes pending) :heavy_check_mark:

Livery Designer

We will supply the UV Maps, you just design the livery! All liveries must be mesh liveries, so we ask that you have experience using Photoshop, Pixlr, Paint.net or any other graphic design program.
Payment will be negotiated.

Uniform Designer

Uniforms are a key part of jetPacific. You will design a few uniforms, such as FA, Pilot, FO, Ground Crew, etc.
Payment will be negotiated.

Extra Information

Group can be found here
We use the HST (Hawiian Standard Timezone) to operate flights. HST is 2 hours behind PST, 5 hours behind EST
Overall topic last updated: 8:17 AM HST (Up to date - no changes pending) :heavy_check_mark:

Application/Academy Information

How to Apply

Applying to join the jetPacific team has never been easier. Simply send a DM to @peter to begin the application process. We request all persons who apply to be dedicated and willing to attend a few flights a month.

How to Train

jetPacific has a state-of-the-art training center, similar to the ones seen in real-life. Videos of such will be sent upon request.

Final Remarks

We thank you for displaying interest in joining jetPacific, and wish you the best of luck in your application. This topic has 768 words, so a :heart: would be greatly appreciated to spread our message. From everyone at jetPacific, thank you.

jetPacific Human Resources & Public Relations Teams


jetPacific’s 777-9x parked at our Lihue hub awaiting our new team to fly it.


Got to turn up your studio render quality for pictures like this :wink:


Just a question, how do you do that?

And how do you render?

Higher Res image


Oh, I forgot about studio renders, this was a screenshot. Thanks for reminding me! :slight_smile:

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No, not a render through Studio, just turning up the graphics.

You go to settings > graphics > Render Level.

The levels go from level 1 - level 22.

I recommend level 22 if you can handle it, you don’t render it though, it just makes the viewport not be so pixilated and makes it look a lot better.


Wow! @peter and @HayHay this airport looks great! I can’t wait to see inside! Is the game public yet? It looks so awesome! This looks like the type of game that I would spend hours in :smile: so, I cannot wait to play it!

Btw: I have premium, so you will be getting a lot of robux from me (:smile:

As it says above,

Can you send me videos of the training center? I know it will be awesome.


Thank you so much @happyshot10!

We have spent hours on the airport so-far and we’re only about 30% done. As we are prioritizing our LIH airport, we don’t have our training centre at the moment, so I’m very sorry.

Thank you for understanding!

We’d like to congratulate @happyshot10 on becoming our newest Flight Host! :partying_face:

Thank you, Thank you everyone :dramatic-emoji:

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Our brand new Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG awaiting our new crew to drive our Blue Club passengers with it.


Our Singapore Changi Airport awaiting a crew to help run it.