Least Favourite Roblox Game

What is your least favourite roblox game? It could be about anything like “Too much updates, got boring” etc

For me it would probably be jailbreak, they changed it to much which made it boring and a bit annoying.

What is yours? I would love to see your answers.

Vehicle Simulator. Used to be my favorite game, but now it is not good.

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Pet Simulator X. Used to be okay, in like PS3 or PS2

It’s just so pay to win, can’t go for minutes without paying.


I use to like “Work at a PIzza Place” back when I first joined Roblox, but it quickly became a very boring game due to it’s lack of updates and outdated in general.

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“Simulators” - it seems this word on roblox has been completely re-defined, in normal gaming a simulator is where you can “simulate” being a bus driver, or flying airplanes or things like that.

On roblox a simulator is where you sit around pressing a button on repeat, these games have no intentions of being fun, just of being addicting & taking money, kind of sucks, I would love to see more simulation games on roblox.