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Livi Ranking

Livi Ranking is rebranded provoke.

Livi Ranking is a high-quality ranking system currently in development. You can use ranking centers, application centers and more!

Parts of Livi Ranking are open-sourced! You can view them here: GitHub - Livi-Inc/Provoke-Open-Source

Release Data: TBA

i think it will be very cool! When will it come out?

Just added that, it is to be announced as I have no clue :slight_smile:

You’ve forgotten your other ranking services, how do I know this won’t happen to this?

Please read the post before making comments.

Ranking IDs are formatted as the following: GROUPID.YrGenerated.10letterString

Rules for the 10 letter string
  • Must have 1 capital letter
  • Must have 1 lowercase letter
  • Must have 1 symbol
  • Must have 1 number
  • No characters of other languages (non-english)

Sounds nice, but why should I be using this over other services such as @Noah’s RankGun? What are some advantages of using your ranking system over all the other ones out there?

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just use something like qbot bro