Livi Ranking - The future of ranking

What is livi?

Livi is an up and coming ranking service, for almost free, with a premium option!

More information such as UI examples will be posted here.

Honestly, why would you care about someone else? I do kinda agree that you have a good amount of companies but that just helps you get better.

RankGun will be offering the exact same services much more, all under a UI panel, with the expertise of multiple people behind it, also series which is looking into it, why would people come here, what’s better to offer?

Also as @Harry has stated, many projects created by @Jessica are created and then forgotten about or lost.


I entirely agree. Will this actually happen? You also have MyVIP in the making aswell. You also had aventar in the making. That seems like the same exact thing.


this is like aventar just rebranded to my roup