Looking for an Investor

Hello Cookie Tech.

Today, I come to you all looking for an investor. A few months ago, I launched a group called Tonkatsu Grill. We are a Japanese hibachi grill style group. If you are not specifically informed on what this type of group is, check out Tsunami Sushi or Kohau.

Currently, we are trying our hardest to gain as much traction as possible as I am considering releasing a V2 of the game but according to an advisor, its not the best idea for the groups current state. With that said, we are hiring investors willing to give 5k+ robux in return for a 20% return rate of the groups funds. It is not set in stone what we give back and can be negotiated with me what you would like in return.

What will your robux go towards? At the moment, we are working on our Branding and will most likely be hiring a GFX designer to create us a logo and game icons. This is one of my top priorities as of now because the branding will influence the group’s image. After that, all money will go towards development so we can push updates that will help the community grow. Once our game is up to standard, your money will go towards advertisements in order to help our group strive.

If you have any questions or are interested in the position, send me a message.

Chairman and Founder

(P.S. Huge thanks to my advisor @peter )

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5K is quite a high amount, you should provide more reasons for why you people should sponsor you.

How much stake are you willing to give?

Please elaborate. (20 charr)

I know it is a high amount but do keep in mind the services we need in order to run a successful company. I will add more reasons.

Hey! I recommend you give us a brief summary and some images of your current progress of your game, as that would help people decide if they should invest into your game.

Our game is released, the money will go towards a V1.5 that will include a ton of new features and maybe a re-model of the current game.

How much ownership are you willing to give us in return fir your 5k

Negotiated. You would get 20% of funds and possibly a rank on the Presidential Board.

What does an Investor do? sorry.

Give some type of fund to a user (for example, 5k robux will be given to the group) and then the person who gave 5k, will get 20% of the group funds.