Major Roblox Downtime: Affecting studio

Hello my friends,

I would like to warn you about a current ongoing roblox down-time that is affecting Roblox Studio.

I personally recommend you not to use Roblox Studio, current issues include Roblox Studio crashing, Roblox Studio not saving work & in worst case scenario, crashing during uploading,
if your currently in a roblox studio instance don’t attempt to save the work.

Your better off minimizing the window, and wait for this to blow-over.

I wanted to put this warning up as it has currently affected me & I don’t want it to affect you.

Here is a roblox thread related to this & roblox staff are working as fast as they can to fix this…




Should be resolved now.


I know that is over but thanks for the warning still.

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Yay! (20 char sksbjsbdnsbd)