Making a GUI Text appear for everyone

Im trying to make a Nuke Command for fun, im trying to make the timer now. I looked at other dev forum posts, they said use a remote function, I have no expirence with remote functions. Please help. (I Might Has Mispelled some stuff because im tired)

Maybe try to use :fireAllClients on the Remote Event? Also make sure to make the LocalScript receiver that receives this is in StarterPlayerScripts!

That will probably help, I just need more info about remote functions

This should help(ish) Remote Events and Callbacks | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

(Just a quick example)


-- enter ur code here


local NukeRE ="RemoteEvent")
NukeRE.Parent = game.ReplicatedStorage
NukeRE.Name = "NukeRE"

function ActivateNuke()

Almost correct but workspace.ReplicatedStorage does not exist its game.ReplicatedStorage

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That is true, Replicated storage has its own folder

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