Making "drag" cuffs - Roblox Tutorial


I’m following the cuff video that Cookie did and it showed the players hand (person holding the cuffs) go up indicating that the player has their cuffs equipped but it doesn’t show cuffs.

Is there a way that I can add the script or part that makes it show that there are actual cuffs in the players hand.

It just makes my game make it look more realistic instead of a player just holding nothing.

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Sup, welcome to cookie tech! Yes you can do this.

Go to the tool model and make the handle the tool part and then it should work out for you, if it does not reply to this.

Have you by any chance checked free models? I tried them; and they are super reliable not laggy at all!

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Yeah, I have but they aren’t the ones that would fit my game. If you got any cuff models, DM me, my Discord is Shy6#7045.

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My discord is sven.#7121 Reply to me…

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Yeah, it did but I don’t see the actual “cuffs”. It still shows my character holding “air” in this case nothing.

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Please keep #scripting-support post Solution’s in PUBLIC replys, as it may help someone else, if your privately doing it it could lower your changes of becoming a regular. But if you did find the Solution in DMS please POST it here so everyone can see it as it will help others :slight_smile:

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Free models are not reliable. I don’t know where you got that information from, but only well-known or trusted developers’ free models are less likely to include exploit scripts.

Please consider what you’re telling others; we don’t want this to be misleading.