Mobile Programming Languages

Hello everyone! I have created this post to see if any of you guys work with mobile programming languages (Swift, Kotlin, etc), how you guys learned them and how you guys like them.

I myself am currently proficient in Kotlin and a semi-beginner in Swift.

I’ve heard that react native is a good way to build apps that work on IoS and Android and maybe even on the web, I believe it uses Js.

Out of curiosity I’m going to presume you’re a macos developer, correct?

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I work with Kali Linux mainly, since I do multiple things within cybersecurity but I do have a MacOS laptop, since it’s the only way to use Xcode although I could have found a build for a VM probably.

And yes, React.JS is good ive used it partly in an Android project before but ive mainly used it to build web applications. Very nice and easy once you get into it and takes a lot of time off my hands

I’m struggling to setup a vm that works for macos.


What VM are you using?

I’m currently using VirtualBox.

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Ah okay. I use the MacOS Sonoma ISO file. Here’s the download link to it:

And here’s a quick tutorial on how to add it to VirtualBox if you need the help:


Decided that I’m going to do a hackintosh.


then act quick cuz apple is stopping support for intel cpus