Moonhigh Hotel & Resort Host Guides

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  • The host should join 10 minutes before the session time start.
  • To unlock the server, all you need to do is run /stafflock off to allow access to Awaiting Training+.
  • You should always use Basic Admin Essentials to lock the server, as for when you shutdown, the server will auto lock for anyone below HR.

Group Shouts:
[Trainings] Host: {name}. Time: {EST and GMT}. Trainees may join to earn their desired rank.

[Trainings] The training server has been S-locked. Sorry if you couldn’t make it. Why not head to the hotel?

[Trainings] Concluded. Congratulations to those trainees who’ve passed, why don’t you have an amazing shift started! If you’ve failed, don’t be discouraged.

[Trainings] Cancelled, due to lack of trainees. Sorry if you didn’t make it. Why not head to the hotel for a nice, cosy room instead?

PTS: Shift Manager+
PTS is now enabled. Please do not speak without PTS. [3 minutes before the session start time.]

PTS = Permission to talk. Do not have any off topic conversations, and only use it for a question.

PTS is now denied, but note you cannot speak. Speaking will lead to an automatic kick. [At the session start time. E.g. 10:00am EST]

As PTS is now denied, this means do not send any messages. None of; “hi” “good luck” “PTS” “host?”, or you will be kicked.

After Slock:
m Greetings! Welcome to this training. My name is {name} and I will be the host for your session.

h Community Guidelines;

sm Here are some common-sense rules that’ll help you steer clear of trouble. Please take these rules seriously and take them to heart.

sm Don’t try to look for loop holes or try to lawyer your way around the guidelines - just understand them and try to respect the spirit in which they were written.

sm • Do not troll, harass, or otherwise disrupt the normal gameplay experience (although it’s completely fine if everyone involved are OK with it!)

sm • Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and other hateful comments are absolutely unacceptable and will result in penalty without warning or remorse.

sm • Don’t spam in the chat. This includes sending messages which are excessively long.

sm • Moonhigh is not a platform for you to advertise your own game or group. Do not use it as such.

sm • Follow Roblox’s Community Rules. This also means don’t try to get around those rules (e.g. by bypassing the chat filter).

sm • It’s not OK to use third-party cheats, or to abuse bugs/glitches in the game. Any type of ‘exploiting’, ‘hacking’, etc. is unacceptable and will result in
immediate, permanent moderation action.

h Staff Code of Conduct;

sm Our staff represent the best of the Moonhigh community. As such, we have high expectations for them.

sm • Grammar is optional for most staff. MRs and HRs (including SHRs) are held in a higher light than other staff. As such, they must use grammar.

sm • You can still use grammar if you want! Please do not bully or shame people because of their choice to, or not to, use grammar.

sm • Please note that your sentences must still make sense. You can’t talk gibberish, and still need to spell things correctly.

sm • Don’t troll, or otherwise set a bad example or ruin others’ fun.

sm Trainers and Helpers are now dismissed, please go to your stations. Trainees, please stay seated!

m Trainees are dismissed. Please do not forget uniforms!

m Trainers may begin once ready. Please listen to your trainers as they may help you pass this session. Good luck!

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