More fake UGC coming out?

Hi Cookie Tech!

So as most of you may know, fake UGC accessories have been coming out so people can buy a knock off version of a limited UGC.

As we are all aware, the Void Star Crown was taken multiple times and people tried uploading a replica of this item for WAY cheaper. Well, this has happened again but with the name “Crown of Hearts”, this is a pink crown that looks VERY similar to the Void Star Crown.
Many Roblox users aren’t happy about this, and neither are Roblox. Roblox has taken down these items before and I think thy will be doing it again.

What are your opinions on this I look forward to hearing back from you all!

Sorry, to pick on this but the spelling mistake.

I was in a rush to type this lol, as I was about to go and do something!

I think sometimes UGC creators do this intentional, then pretend they didn’t realise and try all the excuses in the books just to rack up some money, it’s a common occurrence that every now and then a really expensive item is similar to a brand new UGC item.

Then everybody starts fighting as the traders want the expensive item to be unique, the people want to get a cheap product & then an entire rage begins.