Mr Beast is coming to Roblox?

Hi Cookie Tech!

So my usual self was roaming round twitter today, and a tweet from RTC caught my eyes, and I was intrigued to take a look at it.

So, by the title, you can guess Mr Beast is coming to Roblox. We have no clue why, but he might be partnering up with them for an event!?

Link to the tweet:

I wonder what you all think about this!

@FeaturedOreo :pineapple:

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I wonder if this is going to become one of those game events that no one plays, project miami is a good idea for a name but I wonder what it will be. I think this will be a good thing for Roblox as many kids watch MrBeast and I bet they are on roblox. I think this is going to be good.

This is not new. MrBeast has been on Roblox for a while now. He first made an appearence playing it on his gaming channel where he tried out fortnite ripoffs

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Last time MrBeast was seen in a gaming community, it went quite frankly ballistic.

We will make a slight exception as this community is known for hacking and general cyber crimes, but you may have come across “2B2T”, the 2B2T community though Mr Beast was going to make an episode on the server - as his official account joined the server.

The entire community then started to crash the server & it took the singular server admin a very long time to clean up, hopefully this doesn’t happen to roblox too, I can see how people will do anything to join MrBeast in a game.

Oh my god, I used to play 2B2T, I never interacted with people, I just wanted to play minecraft, there are some things I can never unsee that I saw there…

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