My experiment - Getting the perfect reading time (Is it possible?)

My experiment - Getting the perfect reading time

Hiya cookie tech forums!

Today I explored & searched the web for the average reading time, I’ve done a series of tests & I would now like to get your opinion on it.

This is a super necessary piece of information to hold, how come?

Let’s paint the picture - Your designing an announcement system, you want the message to stay for the most crucial time for the users experience, if the message disappears to quickly the player won’t be able to read the text, if it stays for too long the player finds its incredibly boring, even a few seconds off can make a major difference to somebodies enjoyment in-game.

Now here is where we hit a few brick-walls :brick: - everybody has a different reading time, we will need to get a perfect average. We need to remember that we speak slower then we read, for example the average reading time is 225 words per minute, the average person speaks at 100-130 words per minute

The average auctioneer speaks at a rapid 250 - 400 words per minute. When reading the author can’t emphasise the speed at which the text is read up, some people may read slowly in suspenseful parts others may speed through it. :speedboat:

So is there a perfect average reading time?

Probably not.

However I’ve tried my personal best to get the optimal reading time.

Please give me your opinion on it,


What were your opinions on getting the “perfect reading time”?
  • Too fast!
  • Just right
  • Too slow!

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Maybe add a text speed option. The player could set a custom speed or a preset so if they want it faster or slower, the text will correspond to that setting.

Issue: What happens if it’s a live event & you need it to be synchronised for everybody?