My Group Nametag Discussion

Heyo everyone! This post is for: Rainbow Group Overhead Nametag
I made this post to discuss thoughts, find bugs, or any suggestions to improve it.

Thanks - HayHay

I really love the model, there are 0 errors in this which makes it amazing. I do intend using this in my future games, but what would make it even better if it made the Name and the Rank rainbow.

Otherwise, a wonderful model!

Hey oreo! I will try to work on that as soon as I can. I have been very busy. Thanks for the reply! - HayHay

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Finished model! The colors don’t match, working on it.

Rainbow Group Overhead Nametag For Oreo.rbxl (37.9 KB)

Thanks @HayHay, really helps!

NP! What is your hotel called? I’d be glad to make some extra scripts for you! :smiley:

I can link it in DMs if you would like!

Sure! Messaging… :slight_smile: (20char)