My promote/demote commands aren't working

Hey, so basically if I want to promote or demote someone , it says ‘Uh-Oh. We had problems promoting the user.’

When I checked Heruko logs it says following stuff in the last line:

ro_py.utilities.errors.Unauthorized: [401] Authorization has been denied for this request.

I gave the bot all perms it needs and it does have a high rank in the group which can manage lower-ranked-members.
I’m not sure why it doesn’t work.


Alright, something is up because we ad the same error with someone else.

Im investigating, bare with me.

Same problem has been occuring with everyone for weeks now, I agree. Something is wrong with the bot itself.

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Alright take your time

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I agree, I’m taking action as we speak.

PERCULLIAR, I tried it just now, and it works. I followed all the steps and it works perfectly. This is strange.

It could be a problem with the files.

Ok, it works for me so it’s something on your guys’s, end.

Strange… maybe I should try to do everything again I guess. If it still doesnt work then idk how to fix the issue.

Send me your files in dms .

Which files though? Can you tell me?

The model in your game

I think I know what is happening.

So like…all the models I got in my game or just specific things?

I tried the game file you put in the description of that specific video which has the promote/demote scripts in it and it also doesn’t work. I changed the values of course. It’s not because of my game I guess. Maybe it’s because of the bot itself.

Just the model for the promotion centre. It deffo works, it’s a problem with your model.

Alr I will put it in here. It’s that I put all the files such as scripts and notify stuff into my game since I didn’t want a promo center but I can show the downloaded model since that didn’t work as well. I copied everything that was in there to my game.

Like this? I’m confused

No, right click on the PromoteDemoteCommands Folder and click export as rblx then save the files and send to me in private dms.