My rank Management Center does NOT work!

When I bought the item and clicked on it again, it didn’t kick me… I actually spent money on this so PLEASE help.

Is it because i’m the owner of the group and im trying it on the owner account?

I got really hyped thinking it’ll work…

Can someone please help me?

It does work, your just not putting any effort into this, respectively I don’t care what you spent money on, whatever you spent money on had no affiliation to my open-source ranking services.

It’s not my job to fix things that I didn’t make, that you payed for.

It’s kind of nice I offer support for this type of stuff, especially since it’s completely free and open source, as you can see by the repo here: CookieHax/RankingAPI: RankingAPI on heroku (

I would also like to add that most people who can properly use a forums to fix there issues have had excellent results using this method.

It makes me also very annoyed when you obviously are not following my tutorial to the best of your ability.

Following onto that, you also repeatedly spam posts, you put no effort in to researching some of these questions, I recommend if you want to get good and accurate results you put some back into it.

As you have literally made several posts regarding the same thing.

Your wasting my time, which I do not appreciate.

I tested it and it says: User owns gamepass! Now ranking! Then I get: HttpError: InvalidUrl, curlCode:32736, curlMsg:Unknown error

You just completely skipped my message, your copy and pasting the same message for the multiple different threads?

Now I need to waste my time closing your spam posts, my patience is running out.

I-… You inspired me to make a game… And I liked your videos… I’m a subscriber… I thought you were nice… Unsubbing right now and deleting my progress

I’m normally a very nice guy when it comes to scripting support, but if you don’t put any work into research or putting some work in you won’t get any accurate results.

See look, this guy tried really hard and it worked perfectly for him: Application Center Bot - Scripting Support - Cookie Tech (

Start reading some posts on how to properly use #scripting-support, you can take inspiration here: Latest Scripting Support topics - Cookie Tech (

And about subscribers, it doesn’t bother me, it’s an open-source piece of tech…

Cookie does have a point, you are wasting his time. Read what he is telling you and be polite.

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