Need help with making a "Button Voting System"

Hello again everyone, so I recently started development on a game for my up-and-coming United Nations group on Roblox but as usual I fail on the most simple things such as a Voting system or making stuff compatible with the Cookie Tech Ranking bot. I would like some assistance with making a button voting system. I have tried so many times and it keeps on breaking after a few minutes. I have tried rewriting the scripts multiple times yet no luck.
I will end up putting a tutorial after finishing on how to get a few things about it all done I will only have to set up some group rank tags

The issue has been resolved I have found a way to fix it.

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If you would like to put up the solution that would be great, if not try deleting the post!

I will put up a tutorial later I will need to get the group finished up
Just so no one gets into the same problem as me without a fix

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Also, the solution was a simple mistake I kept on putting in my scripts with it I kept during a line where it was meant to send the votes to a screen I kept on putting it to the wrong screens I have a model of a screen for information in the lobby it was getting errors because of that I did change the screen though.

Wow, thanks for giving back to the community, have a great day!

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