New roblox exploit steals rate usernames

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Rare roblox usernames can be worth a pretty penny, for a platform that’ so big and has so many members the rarer the username the more valuable it becomes.

Many people are actually not talking about this topic so it’s not spread too much. Recently this twitter post was made:

The best thing you can do in this scenario is just hope that you’re not falling victim to this, we can only wait until Roblox fixes the problem.

It seems the accounts are being reported incorrectly and then being banned. Once again I don’t even know how the Roblox reporting system hasn’t already been built to have some resistance against this but then again I’m not inside of Roblox.

This is very tragic as some of these rare username accounts are actually genuine accounts so it’s tragic to see how these people are in the firing range.

What are your opinions on this and out of curiosity rare username account holders? Share below!


This is terrible for Roblox players with epic names!

If I had a super cool username that was obtained either through the broken sign-up filters or just being very creative, is it fair that I’m targetted? No! People need to get a hold of themselves, after all, it’s just a name and there are a thousand other names one can think of to name their Roblox account.

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I cannot imagine this happening to me. My account isn’t that rare, but what if those hackers start targeting everyone…

Hackers can’t really target everyone, nor can I imagine they’d want to in the first place. For example, hackers wouldn’t target an account with no limiteds, no Robux, and a simple name.

Ya. But, I have robux, and limiteds. Hopefully Byfron will help.

Byfron isn’t the one taking down these accounts. It’s because of the players who are reporting other players with rare names.

As shown in the topic screenshot;

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dude this has been a thing for a very long time i tested this back in 2013 and it worked
its just now that its getting attention
so just saying its not new its just now being a problem


Wait but if you tested it wouldn’t you fall into one of the exploiters? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Um… For some reason reporting has never worked well with me. A few years ago this guy threatened to delete my account if I didn’t give him all my robux + my group. I reported him and checked a little while ago and saw his account was still there.

i didnt test this on somebody else ,i tested this on a alt account i made
it worked