New tab icon? Or is this a glitch?

I was on a cookie dev post, and I noticed this, is it new?

(The monster icon)

Update: came up again… twice.

Glitch. Could be with your browser

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Cookie has control over the forums so they could have changed it to something cookie has made.

It’s an issue with your with your browser. Your caches are messed up, this subdomain has the favicon has the logo of coookietech.

The main domain which has an out of date website that I need to update has the favicon of the green monster.

Ah, thanks, I knew something was up when the dev forum had the gyazo logo.

If your on edge: edge://settings/clearBrowserData

If your on chrome: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData

You can reset your cache, download history, cookies & all of that other stuff, might fix the issue.

I’m on safari, unfortunately, it’s no problem though, as I use my PC mainly.

Plus I don’t mind, I like the monster.

Solution :white_check_mark: (20 charssssssssss)