New updates | What do you think?

So, Roblox are back at it again, they will be releasing a new form of Layered Clothing and I want to know your opinions!

I personally think this is going to end badly, like, 3D pants on roblox? This defeats the object foe those that make thousands on uploading clothing to the catalog.
So, UGC creators are now uploading their own 3D clothing, I wouldn’t think that was possible :thinking:

Looking forward to hearing your responses!


Pretty interesting, sometimes I think UGC creators are a little bit selfish, I don’t want to sound like that guy, but some UGC creators, specifically make a really cool item, then make it non-sellable so only they can have it, it’s pretty interesting tough.

This is always my biggest question:

How can they make 3D and 2D clothing work together, also does 3D clothing work on R15 or only on Rtrho?

No sure, this will be interesting though, also hopefully 3D clothing does not turn into the waste-site that 2D clothing turned into to.

3D clothing can be used on R15, but it looks like a big pile of clothing has just been dumped onto you so I personally recommend using Rthro for the best experience of layered clothing.

I agree about UGC Creators, they shouldn’t be allowed to upload items to the catalog just so they can wear it on their avatar. Yes it may be their work, but still, it’s not fair on the community wanting something cool if they see it.

Also, what about is normal users, I want to be able to create 3D clothing.

Everybody is aware of the famous Cookie Suit:


But like I said above I don’t want to turn the 3D clothing into the wastelands of 2D clothing: