Northdrift County - Alpha 0.3.12

Hey developers!

Today we will be officialy releasing Northdrift County: Extreme Roleplay Alpha 0.3.12, concluding Alpha 0.3.11. Changelog is writen below, and yes, we will be moving all changelogs to our website when it’s ready :slight_smile:


  • Revamped lighting for more realism.
  • Added realistic, smooth actual moving clouds!
  • Added new menu options, including in-game promotions, Northdrift Beta information, and in-game exploition report option.
  • Added a new loading screen. Still in development, expect bugs and minor gameplay lag.


  • Revamped the hospital! It looks much more modern now.
  • Remade the gas station, now called Ultra Cheetah Gas (UCG)
  • Added realistic head movement for ultra realism. Performance runs well at a steady 60 FPS.
  • Removed the sky and replaced it with a clear skybox.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a major bug which would bring severe lag to a game server, caused by some large unanchored parts.
  • Fixed “Glare” and “Haze” properties of Atmostphere in Lighting category. Game should be less brighter now.

We are currently hiring gameplay testers for no-fee and advanced Photoshop experts for some Robux. If you would like to apply, please join our server. Contact OH20_rbLX#2124 for any queries.

-Creator of IXS

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