Northdrift County Alpha 0.3.13

Hey everyone! It’s time for yet another new alpha version of Northdrift County, with this changelog delivering a bunch of performance improvements! This is a long changelog so you might as well sleep instead (unless you’re hyped like me!)

Gameplay Improvements

  • Decreased the size of the sun. What? Nobody wants a hot planet, right?
  • Fixed the major long-time issue where the game would cause the ROBLOX app to crash. We are glad that this issue was fixed as it was bothering all community members. No need to fear anymore!
  • Revamped the menu to give it a really modern look. However, always lasting UI blur is still a problem.
  • Added the all-new API keys for more security. We will most likely use this to collect game performance statistics to help improve our gameplay in the future.

Structure Changes

  • Added frost-themed gas station for a “cold” look!
  • Edited material textures for some buildings.
  • Added a new in-development furniture strore!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a major glitch which would crash the ROBLOX app itself due to infinite looping scripts without the wait() function, causing script exhaustion and game-breaking issues.

We are currently hiring advanced Photoshop experts for some Robux. If you would like to apply, please contact OH20_rbLX#2124 for any queries or information about hiring stats.

-Creator of IXS, 09/30/21

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