Northdrift County | Alpha 0.3.14 - Changelog

Greetings, everyone! Today, we have some important news regarding the development of Northdrift County, I’m sure you’re excited for this as the last changelog was announced on September 2021! Over the next few weeks, or within a month, you will be hearing more about Northdrift County, so stay tuned for that as well!

Important Release Information

  • I’m sure you all know about the recent audio update to all Roblox games. Due to this, the game will very likely be delayed by at least a week from it’s original planned release date. Luckily, however, we did not have a lot of audio assets!

  • Of course, to release a roleplay games, vehicle modelling is a high demand. Until we can find some decent vehicle modeller who fits into our budget, this remains our primary reason for the delay. I’ve been searching for modellers for quite a while now but they all ask for insane pays (above 40k Robux) that we simple can’t afford at the moment. This is partially why I’m doing GFX and UI commissions, so that I can invest at least 40% of it into the development of Northdrift. If you are an experienced Blender modeller and are willing to take a pay of 400 Robux, you may DM me on the Cookie Forums.

  • So, based on all this, our release date may be around mid-2022 if enough time is put into it. I am working very hard to earn enough funds to properly hire, operate, and pay a development team to support me with this. Again, no guarantees about the release date based on these current issues still lingering.

UI/UX Design

  • Complete overhaul to the interfaces, they look much more modernized now!
  • Modified the following new UI elements;
View Here
  • CashUI
  • TimeUI
  • TeamSelectionUI
  • ErrorUI
  • DeathUI
  • UpdateUI
  • AvertisingUI
  • BetaUI

Gameplay Performance

  • Improved graphical performance by modifying various in-game scripts and local scripts

(Known issues: Severe lag when facing west in-game)

Northdrift Beta Testing

  • Testing new UI animations on all devices (exc. Xbox, Phone)
  • Testing a new Xbox version of Northdrift County.
  • Testing graphical performance.
  • Testing 3D textures on all materials and terrain elements (including dirt)

Audio Changes

  • Replaced some audio assets removed by the Roblox update.
  • Testing 3D dynamic audio, a recent feature now out of Roblox Studio beta features.

And that’s all for now! It’s a long list, but it was worth mentioning all of it. We will keep you updated on the audio changes as well the planned release date.

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