Northdrift County | Beta Information [Upcoming]

Greetings, everyone! As we get closer to the release of Northdrift County Beta, we have some important information to share regarding how it would work.

Northdrift County Beta*

  • The beta version of Northdrift County: Extreme Roleplay was originally meant to be a toggle which would prompt the local player to rejoin the server, and therefore the new beta assets would be loading in.
    However, we’ve taken into consideration that this would be an issue within public servers, as certain players may have an unfair advantage. It would also create various problems and we acknowledged that.

  • Due to this, we’ve decided that the “Beta” toggle within the game will teleport the local player instead to a seperate experience, which will contain all the beta features.
    We plan for this to behave similar to our up-coming private servers, where XP, robbery cash, and in-game cash purchases don’t save. However, Robux purchases and playtime statistics will save.

(These are our beta plans for the upcoming changelog in May / June. They have not been added yet)

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Last Updated: 5/25/2022 @ 5:15pm EST (Canada :canada:)


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