Northdrift County | Builder Position [Closed]

Greetings, everyone!

I’m OH20_rbLX, creator of upcoming realistic roleplay game Northdrift County: Extreme Roleplay.

About Game
Northdrift County: Extreme Roleplay is a Roblox roleplaying game created mid-2021 and has ever since been going underway in game development. I vision this game as a success and a new reality and future for roleplay games on the Roblox platform.

About Position
As we get closer to the release, we are in need of a high-poly builder who is capable of creating the following, but not limited to, structures for our game environment;

Job Requirements

  • Can create various buildings, both modernized and semi-old style.
  • Can create various houses, structures, and public services buildings (such as hospitals)
  • Able to complete un-finished structures in the game as well as improve them.

You are also required to know the following, as we take this job seriously and we want to ensure you know everything required before applying for this job;

  • Applicant has a strong knowledge base of building structures, as well as has knowledge of interior and exterior decorating and designing.

  • Applicant has knowledge and is capable of designing all necessary and appropriate of structure builds and their styles, particularly modern and semi-old styled builds.

  • Applicant has knowledge of using external modelling softwares such as Blender to ensure better, higher quality and more realistic builds.

  • Applicant has various examples of work to prove they are skilled at building structures.

  • Applicant is frequently active and available to work at any point in time when needed.

  • Applicant is able to efficiently import builds into the game (if external softwares are used) and creates builds in an efficient manner, meaning I don’t want to see a bunch of grouped parts as it would cause severe downgraded performance.

Job Terms
Our applicants must agree to the following terms before applying, as it is for the sake of our trust;

  • By applying for this job, you accept and acknowledge that you are working with us, InfiniteX Studios, for a period of time. (currently looking at 1-2 months)

  • You acknowledge that any unauthorized actions performed without consent will result in your termination of position and blacklist from ever working with us.

  • You accept and abide by our developer rules, which include the prohibition to use any free models or assets provided by the Toolbox, the prohibition to attempt to perform unauthorized actions to the game itself or any other games created by InfiniteX Studios, as well as asking permission before editing the main game.

Luckily, I have a larger budget than before. The compensation for each structure will be 1000 R$ per building, which is negotiable depending on the overall quality. We reserved the right to reduce this, or increase the pay, depending on the final quality and product.

If you wish to apply, please comment below or DM me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! If you have any questions, please comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

Cookie Forums: @OH20_rbLX (recommended contact)
Discord: OH20_rbLX#2124 (alternate contact)

We hope to see you join our development team soon! :hammer_and_wrench:

Last Updated: 9:59pm EST (Canada :canada:)

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Slots Open: 1/1 Slots

All slots have been filled. Thank you for your interest.

If you wanted to work for us, there no need to fear, as we’ll be opening up applications for all sorts of roles in good time! :oncoming_automobile:

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