Northdrift County - Looking for a logo designer

Hey there!

I am currently in search for a logo designer for Northdrift County: Extreme Roleplay, an upcoming realistic roleplay game coming mid or late 2022.

About Job
As a logo designer, you will need to make a total of 2 logos. The details are written below:

Logo #1 — This logo will need to be advanced and fully detailed. Keep in mind, the background for this logo must be transparent. An example is provided below.

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Screenshot 2022-02-13 2.57.23 PM

Logo #2 — This logo will be a “mini” version of logo #1. An example is provided below. Again, the background must be transparent.

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Screenshot 2022-02-13 2.59.50 PM

Job Pay
You will be paid 55 R$ per logo made. We can negotiate this price range a bit. You will be paid after the logos have been submitted through DMs.

If you are interested in this job, please contact me on the Cookie Forums at @OH20_rbLX .

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Could I have a go trying this?

This is something I made earlier on for @Deleted_User12:


Yeah, you can have a go with making the logos.

Alright, that would be cool!

If you could tell me in dms what logo you want to be made & how we should negotiate, that would be appreciated!

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