Northdrift County - Patch Notes - Alpha 0.3

Hey everyone!

Here are some patch notes regarding Alpha 0.3:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the GasStationAssets were duplicated.
  • Fixed some issues where buildings would collapse [ERR: UnAnchored].
  • FeedbackScript has been fixed [ERR: NoWebhookLinked].
  • Glass will no longer reflect, caused severe issues [ERR: InvisibleTexture].

New/Changed Content

  • ShopUI has been created, “X” button changed later.
  • Gas station has been changed due to GasStationAssets being duplicated.
  • Car wash removed due to some issues with scripts.
  • Vehicle development has begun, assets not ready.
  • Police station has been changed slightly.
  • Non-functional fire alarms have been added.
  • Terrain expansion, some chunks still needed to be filled.

This concludes Alpha 0.3. Thank you for taking your time to read this!

If you want to participate in the game development, join our server and react to get your role. If you don’t understand some things written here please DM me on Discord [OH20_rbLX#2124]

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