Notification system?

Hello, cookie forums.

So I have been thinking recently and I got an idea-what if I created a notification system? It sounds a bit odd, but here’s how it would work:

Players could easily fire a notification with a script without having the annoying task of creating a notification GUI, and scripting everything. They would send the heading, if they want buttons-if so, what would they be for? Would they have a function? And the description of the notification. Certain ranks, or players, in-game would be allowed to send a notification to whoever they wish as well, just in case someone needs to notify a player of something. It would also contain a join message, so that they could set up for a notification of players with certain ranks or different gamepasses, or custom players.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this, and possible ideas for it.


It would be cool, especially making an open source module for it!

What do you mean by an “open source module”? Something like Basic Admin essentials module import thing?

Yes, essentially something like that.

Exactly. Maybe group everything together and save to Roblox as a model?

Module scripts are the way to go when making easy to use functions for open source modules and stuff like that.

Also good documentation is good, I might make something like that.

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