OH20 - UI/UX Designer | Professional (Roblox)

Welcome back to my commissions! As you can tell from the title of this topic, I am offering my advanced and professional UI/UX design services to you guys, the community of Cookie Tech! I create eye-catching interfaces with precision and neatness using styling techniques that I’ve learned over the course of the past 3-years of UI design in Roblox, and practicing front-end design on real-world modern websites. Keep it mind that I am not offering UI scripting, such as tweening, or gamepass store scripts.

UI/UX Samples :eyes:

Modern UI (General) 💻

Billboards UI

Cash UI

Gamepasses UI

Skins UI

Modern UI (Roleplay) 🚘
Northdrift County

NOTICE: The UI work below was solely created by me and is copyrighted content, meaning you need my consent before asking for a similar interface or using parts of it to make your own. If you do NOT follow this rule and I find out, we’ll need to talk.

RobloxScreenShot20220106_180312168 (1)

Modern UI (Nations) 🌎
Trading UI

Trading UI (+Notification)

Diplomacy UI

Diplomacy/Country Statistics UI

Warfare UI

War UI (+Notification)

RobloxScreenShot20220424_182948165 (1)

Simulator UI 🐶

These were created sometime around November 2021, but I completely forgot to upload them. So here they are! These can be used in obbies as well, it just requires a bit of tweaking.

Main Interface

Inventory Interface

Codes Interface

Store/Shop Interface

Obby UI

(Images will be uploaded soon!)

Fantasy UI 🐉

Main Interface (Japenese)

Overhead Interface


Doors UI 🚪

This is a fairly recent commission. The task was to recreate a similar UI to the popular Roblox game, “Doors” by LSplash. I managed to recreate some interfaces that look exactly like Doors’ interfaces, but better! Check them out below.

Loading Menu UI

Gamepass Shop UI

Developer Credits UI


As SCPs have been a growing trend, I decided to create SCP UI! Some of these images are from recent commissions.

Loading UI

Credits UI

Shop UI

Slots UI

:bell: Notice: As of 01/28/2024, I have a lot of new UIs to showcase! For now these are all on a Google Drive folder that can be found here.

Important Information :mega:

  • This is not collaborative work, I solely created these on my own!

  • I’m not offering UI tweening or scripting, my job here is to design the UI. You will have to do the scripting part by yourself or through a scripter.

  • I will ensure that all interfaces are properly named for ease of scripting and self-editing.

UI Copyright ©

  • In the examples above, please be advised the Admino and Northdrift interfaces are protected under the Apache License 2.0.
  • I’m unable to add licenses to your own work. If you ever want to license your work for whatever reason, please see to it yourself, as I don’t offer this kind of service.

Requested Pay :moneybag:

  • Mini UI Package (0-5 Frames) — 5,000 Robux (:sunflower: 25% OFF = 3750 Robux)
  • Regular UI Package (5-10 Frames) — 10,000 Robux (:sunflower: 25% OFF = 7500 Robux)
  • Mega UI Package (10+ Frames) — 20,000 Robux / Contact Me (:sunflower: 25% OFF = 15,000 Robux)

Terms of Service :scroll:

  • I have the right to terminate your request if you attempt to scam me in any way.
  • I have the right to refuse your request for any reason, including personal reasons.
  • I have the right to terminate your request if you are impatient for no valid reason and if you communicate rudely to me.
  • No spam requests. I can’t handle too much overload of work.
  • You must credit me for my work, and do not falsely claim that it is your work.
  • I will not be held responsible for the loss of any Robux if any of these terms are violated after or before purchase.
  • Attempting to loophole these terms of service will result in the denial of UI services.
:bell: I will take two orders at a time as I have other things to take care of as well. You may see the title of this topic change sometimes to “CLOSED” or “ON HOLD.”
Last Updated: Mar. 19th., 2024 - 10:38pm (Canada) :maple_leaf:

You have made serious progress with your UI skill, I don’t want to offend you or anything, but your first UI’s weren’t the great.



From this:



A bit better and I may even consider hiring you!


Yeah now that I think of it I kinda agree

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NEW ADMIN PANEL UI EXAMPLE: (not updating the topic itself or I’ll run out of edits)


Here is another example of an admin panel UI, which is a modification of the other example in the topic description. ^

And, yes, I am going to release this in a few weeks/2 months from now. It would be appreciated if you do not copy my ideas, be creative. :slight_smile:

I like it, but I don’t think the blue fits in that right.

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  • Prices can now be viewed from my portfolio page under commissions. Currently still open.

Keep in mind, if the compensation for a UI/UX designing job is higher or lower on the Talent Hub, these prices do not apply and will stay the same as they are on your Talent Hub job post. This notice is for people who are willing to see my UI portfolio via the Talent Hub.


Wow that’s amazing. I will hire you in some weeks or months probably.



  • Lots of new UI examples have been uploaded, feel free to take a look!
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New Categories

  • There is now a new category within “Modern UI (General)” that is called “Modern-Cartoonish,” be sure to check it out!

  • Additionally, a new category called “SCP UI” has been added! Please take a look if desired.

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@RealOH20 I have been wanting to try admino for SO long.


Yep, I’m aware a few users are waiting. First release should be before the end of the year thanks to a collaboration. :wink:

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UI Services Temporarily Closed

  • UI designing services are temporarily closed while I’m on travel for the month of August. Please be patient, as these services will open up again in about 1-2 months.

UI Services RE-OPEN!

  • UI designing services are now open! However, from now onwards, they will start to open and close more frequently. Prices will also be updated soon, I would estimate 1-2 days. Thank you for your patience.
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I may order soon, very nice work!

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Prices Updated

  • All UI packages have now been updated! Appolgies for not doing it sooner. Please refer to my portfolio to see the updated prices. :smile:

Major Discount (60%) !! :eyes: :star2:

  • Yep, you’ve read that right! Starting today, all prices for all of my UI packages have been permanently reduced by 60%. I am doing this as both means of attracting customers and setting a reasonable price.

  • I hope this encourages you guys to choose me as your future UI designer! Please see the new prices below. Prices on portfolio are outdated as of now.


  • Mini UI Package (10-15 frames) – 340 R$ - 800 R$
  • Regular UI Package (15-25 frames) – 800 R$ - 1800 R$
  • Supreme UI Package (25-35 frames) – 1800 R$ - 4200 R$
  • Full Game UI Package – 4200 R$ - 14,000 R$ (varies)
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Crazy discount, I hope you get more sales!

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When is Admino coming out?

I’m doing my best to speed this up … as a solo developer who’s making this on a potato computer, I can’t say exactly when Admino is expected to come out.

I cannot continue this project all alone, as of now I’m currently in search of other experienced developers but so far efforts haven’t been working. I would have been near completion if Roblox didn’t start supressing unverified developers (because that means I can’t use the Talent Hub effectively to look for developers). So I turned to Cookie Tech for hiring, I’m still trying, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

So, this doesn’t mean I’m going to scrap Admino, I’ll just have to do this at a steady pace to ensure I can at least get this awesome product out there for everyone to use at a low-cost. :+1:

(To be fair, it’s only the subscription & global panel management system that needs to be worked out at this point since I have no idea how to make that)