Opinions on my first UI?

Hello. I have created my first UI by trying to recreate this one.

Here is my one. I know that the pictures are stretched and that half of it isn’t done, I lost motivation.

I have just started so please do not assume that I am bad at making UIs

The pictures? They look a bit weird?

You would need them to be transparent, like this:

What do I do to make the picture look transparent?

Its really good, but like @Deleted_User12 said its got the pixelated background to show its not transparent.
One easy way to get rid of the background is to use Adobe’s Free Image Background Remover. Just sign up for an account and then upload your image.
Here’s the link: Free Image Background Remover | Adobe Express

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You don’t need to use other websites to do this.

Simply select the image, go to “Properties” and find “ImageBackgroundTransparency.” Then, all you need to do is set the background transparency to 1.

If it doesn’t work, the “Wand” tool in Photoshop and Photopea should easily do the trick for you.


Yes but it is easier to use the image remover tool.

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You could also use remove.bg


Try rounding all the elements, might give a better result.

Also change the border to be white, it may fit in a bit more!


When I round all of it the border doesn’t come up how do I get the border back?

Borders are overridden by rounded corners. Try duplicate a frame & put it behind the green frame to get the “border effect”.

Seems alright - could use some rounded corners, some transparent backgrounds. A lot of the images look tacky. The gradient is… odd. I can see the potential- but it could use a bit of work.

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