Opinions on Ro-Aviation?

Hello, Cookie Tech Community!

Recently, I was scrolling through Roblox and saw a large number of roblox airline games. These games have existed for a long time - but what’s your opinion on them.

Myself, I like to fly in games such as airplane tycoon, however, I don’t like group/staff related airlines as much, from a customer perspective.

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I find when a Partner with them, sometimes they will want you too announce all their Flights…

For me, I like the serious ones (or the really goofy ones - no in between). There are some that are better than others, but overall, I find them quite fun.

I know Ryanair is like that, takes a while, but good overall.

Ro-Aviation community is cool and that, but is also one of the most toxic communities.


Yep, definitely don’t want to be apart of that … they can become very dangerous.