Opinions on YouTube Removing dislike count from ALL public videos

All YouTube API developers have just received an email from YouTube stating that:

On November 10, YouTube will be making the public dislike count private. Users will still be able to dislike videos, and creators will still have access to the dislike counts for their own videos in YouTube Studio. Learn more about this change in our blog post.

This is going to be an interesting change to how YouTube works, from now on it’s going to be a lot harder to see if videos are fake or not.

However, I see that YouTube doesn’t want to make dislikes a thing as they believe it cant effect people, which I stand by, however completely removing the dislike count could have a major impact on how many people will get scammed.

For an exemption so you can view the dislike count as a viewer you must sign up and go through a manual verification system.

From now on, today on the 10th, only the creators themselves will be able to see like to dislike ratio.

(This could take a while to roll out.)

Email regarding the matter:

This is going to be an interesting and very controversial topic.

What do you think regarding this topic?

Do you think YouTube is doing the right thing by removing the dislike feature and maybe removing hate to certain creators.

Or do you think this is just going to allow people to have bad judgment on things…

Either way, I would love to hear your opinion on this topic…

Video regarding this:

I think this could have a good and bad impact on content creators.

Elaborate, how would it impact them?

I think it will impact them good. I mean, they will have opinions, and also haters and their videos won’t be able to be that hated.
I think they should make it yo can choose in each vídeo if you want dislikes to appear or not.

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Some YouTubers don’t like the public seeing dislikes, but on the other hand maybe the public wants to know how others rate the video.


It seems like this update is going pretty much okay, I’m not seeing a lot of complaints from YouTubers.