Overview of Hyra

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I’ve got a Subscription to Hyra, and I taught to do a post on it.

Home Page

When you Login to Hyra invited to a Workspace, You get welcomed to:

The Games at the very top you’re able to Change in Settings.


Right when you head to the activity tab, you are able to view your History. The Lighter it is, the less the activity, the darker it is, the higher the activity.

When you click on the activity times, you are able to view some more Info:

At the top, you can see it says “Hotel” which it Auto-recognizes. It shows the Time and the Users Friends In-game. Next, it shows the Time and the Messages sent, them Friends. Last, it shows the time you’ve been AFK.

One problem I have had is the Server Errors that come up:

Activity | Sessions

The next tab is the Sessions Tab that you can Setup, it can really only be used for Training Sessions.

When you click on the Session, you can view more:

You can have a Host & a Co-Host.

As well, you can make servers with groups, groups you must create yourself and enable when making a session.

Activity | Leaderboard

The leaderboard auto-updates for the top 3 users.


These are assignments given every week to the ranks


And on the side, is your History:


This is where you can view all of your Staff added into Hyra.

On the side are Views, these make it faster to find staff.

When you go onto someones Profile, it looks like this:

It’s their Basic Info, and labels.

Under activity shows a bit more Information:

And you can add activity:

Under LogBook shows their Warnings, Demotions, Noticed, so on:

Last, is their assignments:


Due to safety reasons, I will not be showing the Settings Panel.

Is Hyra worth it?

It depends, if your a super big group, then yes, it’s worth it to manage staff. But if you are super small, it’s really not worth it.

Fun Fact

I canceled my Plan, and It ended ages ago- And I can still log into hyra :skull:

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