Peter | About me and my work

Adorations, my name is Peter!

I consider myself a roblox businessman. Here’s a bit more about me!

I’ve been on the roblox platform since 2018, on one account. I currently own around 2 - 3 active groups, I own around 15 inactive groups.

I’ve been on the cookie forums since Friday (April 28th, 2022), but I’ve been watching @Noah’s YouTube channel for a few months, and it’s been really helpful.

I’ve met a handful of people (such as the wonderful @Boo, @HayHay, @luke, @RealOH20 and @Noah!) but I want to meet more people! Please don’t hesitate to DM with any questions!

My favourite color is purple. I have a passion for running groups/games in roblox, and in real life I have a 23 gallon fish tank, which is a lot of work to take care of.

In Canada, we use Canadian-English, which some words are spelt the American way and some are spelt the English way, I prefer to use the English way, so you’ll see me replace z’s with s’s (in a logical matter).

Hope you have an amazing day,
Peter :heart: