Please Make A Grappling Gun

Could script/create a physics based grappling gun that allows you to shoot at targets, lowering their health, but also allow you to swing around in a fluid like motion. I’ve gathered some examples consisting of a youtube video and a roblox game.

Here are they:

(Roblox Game)

(Roblox Video)

Now here are some qualities of the grappling gun that I’d like implemented if possible. If you aren’t able to add all of these, it’s fine.

List of qualities:

  • Gun Model should follow the grappling point to some extent (as shown in the videos)
  • Camera is in first person
  • Gun Model can or can’t be a tool (depends on your preference)
  • Player can only grapple onto certain parts (probably only parts in a particular folder)
  • Right Mouse Button to grapple and Left Mouse Button to shoot
  • Settings that allow you to change FOV and controls
  • When not swinging, player should swing somewhat freely (as in all examples)
  • Player’s movement should not be affected
  • Targets should be easy to grapple to
  • Crosshair in the center

(wow i sound demanding…)

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I believe this may be what you’re looking for!

how would I make it so that I swing more freely and perhaps change gravity when used?

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