portaLITE | seamless, clean & modern administrate solutions

Due to a misunderstanding, I am letting you know that this is also a group management system. For those referring to the verification hub; I am making this for a friend who wants a product hub and some sort of verification system.

Introducing, portaLITE. A world of seamless, modern & clean administrate solutions. This will be the thread where we tell you about all of our updates, products & release dates.

What is portaLITE?

portaLITE is a new admin system on the ROBLOX platform. Utilizing our groundbreaking API services, we can provide you with many features.

When will this be released?

At the moment, we don’t have a scheduled release date; but we can assure you that you will be the first to found out about it.

Our vision…

Here at portaLITE, we want all of our users to be able to have a stress free group-management and admin system at the touch of there fingertips.

With our revolutionary plans, here is what we have got to offer…

  • Online-based website that you can control bans, warnings and staff from.

  • Application centers, rank centers & automatic training centers.

  • Admin System & More.

Oh, and that’s just scratching the surface.

Of course, this is just a plan; things change. We cannot guarantee that all of this will happen because tech change, and most importantly we change.

So lets come together as one community, and welcome portaLITE.

(all of this is in development, we cannot guarantee if all of these features will come; at the moment our admin system is the top of our list)

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For Collaborators

If you would like to contribute towards portaLITE; reply to this post and let us know what you would like to put forward. We are happy to integrate your systems into ours.

We are currently looking for a clean & modern nametag system, with stackable tags and more.

What makes “Portalite” different from other admin systems?

Not only do we aim to offer high-quality ingame admin solutions, we also aim to devolved you online systems that you can execute admin commands from.

That’s just scratching the surface of our groundbreaking plans.

These are what we aim for; however our main priority is our admin system and group management system.

Currently, we are working on a verification centre that can be used form groups. That should be out within the next 3 months.

I mean ReAdmin can already manage from a dashboard so whats so special about yours?

Why would people use yours over Basic Admin V3 Adonis ect.

Oh, that’s not just it. We also are aiming to provide built-in group management commands. You will be able to manage staff from a simple command, rank people and send applications all from the touch of a screen.

More information will be released tomorrow.

So your going to host all the servers for this the cost of the API ect?

(BAE 3.0 preferred usage statement will be out tomorrow)

You probably want some better UI aswell ( If that was not a prototype )

That’s a prototype, I’m just getting the foundations layer out before I continue. Thinking of adding themes, and UI layouts that are customisable.

Any UI suggestions? They would be appreciated.

I mean you can have a look at what my development team is currently creating. ( Nothing to do with an Admin system ) is a vocovo system

Ah, yes. Isn’t there already 2 systems call VoCoVo? And it’s a infringement of a REAL Company?

There is a company called that, but I will get in touch with you.

Its not called vocovo i mean we are making a system like vocovo.

Kk. With the help points and headsets?

Yes it will include that.

Kk. I’ll think about it.

making some progress! this looking good?

It still wont match to current admin systems…

ik, its not finished yet. this is just verification.