Possible to make a chart + calendar system in Roblox?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working on some new ideas for my admin panel, Admino, a panel intended to work a lot more efficiently and differently from existing management panels, such as HD Admin or BAE.

I’ve created my dashboard panel view a while back, but I realize that I’ll need a chart, or several of them, to display data and statistics of an experience, gamepass, or a place linked to the experience. After all, statistics is a very crucial part of displaying data, and it’s what makes Admino somewhat more unique!

I’m also struggling with creating a calendar system. Basically, I want the user to be able to create scheduled events, meetings, or deadlines within a simple calendar that looks similar to the calendar view on iOS and iPadOS devices.

Although I really need these features, I’m really unsure how I would make these features functional within ROBLOX Studio. I know this is possible, I just need to know how to make these ideas into a reality.


You’d of course first need the calendar UI. Assuming this is done, you’d need to store each item something like this: { date = 12345, —store this as a timestamp labels = {}, allDay = true, repeat = nil —or “monthly”, “yearly”, etc.}
This is obviously a rough draft (I made this on mobile, so it’s not perfect.) I’m not entirely sure how this would work, however I’m sure it’s possible.

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Or of course you could also use an API.

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