Profile Pictures - Now out on mobile

Roblox custom profiles now seem to be fully released, at the moment there are no traces on PC, however, this is released on Roblox Mobile Editions.

To get there you need to go to the customize avatar selection.

Then you can click:

This is a pretty cool feature and I think this allows for more customization, it almost makes it seem as if roblox is becoming a social media platform.

What do you think of this feature, do you like it?

Do you think it should have released to PC first?

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Oh, this is cool!

Most of my Roblox playtime is done on my iPad, as my computers are in no shape to run games, I’ll certainly be trying out the profile picture posing feature very soon.

Considering that mobile players have been neglected in a few ways, this seems fair to release the feature to mobile players first before PC users.



I’ve seen it used before but whenever I go onto mobile I dont see the option.

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Roblox may still be rolling out.

I’ve had this for well over a month but I’m not in the beta programme, weird.

This isn’t a beta feature, it’s now being rolled out.