Promote/demote commands aren't working

Hey there, I’m having an issue with the promote/demote commands, when I run it in game it doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t promote/demote the specified user, it doesn’t show the messages that’re supposed to pop up nor does it throw any errors in the roblox console or heroku logs. Now if I do it manually with the URL in my browser it’ll then work.

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I suggest going back through all out tutorials and trying to do it again. If that doesn’t work, come back here and we will try our best to help you!

Okay, I got it to work ingame, but I get this error in the Heroku logs.

That’s what we need! I’ll let cookie take over from here as I don’t know what heroku logs are or what I read from them. I wish the best of luck!

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Your really lucky, this is the perfect error!

Everything is working with your bot, which is great.

Just your bot doesn’t have permission to rank other users, to allow your bot to rank other members enable the “Manage lower-ranked member ranks” permission:

My bot already had that permission.

Alright, what role is the user you want to promote and what role is the bot?

The bots role is Chief(23) rank and my alt accounts rank is recruit(1).


Is your alt account in the group?

Yes, it’s in the group.

Alright, can you try getting the logs one more time?

Roblox is having issues with their servers, I’ll send it when the servers work again.

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Okie dokie, feel free to @mention me when you have it!

@cookie I fixed it, the URL didn’t have https:// infront of it. Thanks for your help!

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Easy mistake to make.

Make sure to mark your post as solution!

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