Promotion/demotion commands say "uh-oh"

also yes my bot is a much higher rank then the person I’m promoting I crossed out the key, nothing else

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First off welcome to the community, second, did you do everything right? I would rewatch the video after that see if you still get the error.

I dont think it was the video because apparently many people are having this problem but I will rewatch the video in the morning

If it is still not working maybe check out this post.

its true that i didnt go incognito, is it 100% needed?

It’s super useful, it’s stops you from making silly mistakes.

Why use incognito?

In incognito we have a clear cache & we have no cookies saved, this means when we close the tab we don’t need to work about signing out of the account, when we sign out of the account we run the risk of having our cookie altered, that’s why we don’t log out of our bot account, it saves us the havoc of clearing cookies and other site data.

Don't want to use incognito?

Follow normal steps, once you’ve got the cookie, DON’T sign out of the bot, then go to > settings > clearBrowsing then click on “Cookies and other site data” & then clear out the data, KEEP IN MIND THIS WILL LOG YOU OUT OF ALL SITES.

Then continue to use roblox as usual, not logging into the bot.

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