Provoke - the best ranking service


Provoke is a new ranking service currently in development, and yes it will actually come :slight_smile:

Who is working on this?

Me and xDLiveRBLX (@maxwell2024) are working on this, he hosts the servers for us!

Why should I choose you?

After we release, we plan to have Activity, Ranking and Applications!

Are there any invites to the discord/roblox?

Yes! You can join them below:


What is the pricing?

This is a scam. You will take the Robux then give an awfully made ui and crap script.

wanna see my previous uis?
Venture - Moderation With Ease
Overhead+ | The best overhead system
Overhead+ v2 - The best overhead system on roblox



Overhead+ isn’t an interface, it’s an overhead graphic. You shut down Venture as well so I’m not sure everyone is feeling confident to use your services considering all your previous projects that have been shut down after announcing that they “will” be released.

If you want users here to purcahse your products, we all need a lot more confidence that you’re actually going to release this.


Two of them are not yours and from a different account :joy::joy::joy:

@Alex used to be @Jessica however for certain reasons she has migrated to this account. Read up more here if you’re still not convinced;

Please do not comment further regarding subjects that are off-topic.

Maybe get a mod to merge the accounts or something??

As @RealOH20 has stated, please stop commenting on subjects not reguarding Provoke/the topic of this post.

Also, OH20_rbLX; this is coming. We are actively working on Provoke Ranking Services.

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Good to hear, I’ll be looking forward to this! :+1:

Stop trying to be a mod, I’m just making a point.

Also, how does this work? Backend API or code in a module? Also A) your logo is poorly designed, B) why is the higher tier more expensive than the middle one?

A) I am allowed to, plus you making your point is off-topic. Stop.

B) It is backend API, but you can require a module for more convinience.

C) Drop the logo. It isn’t final; there are more important things to deal with first.

D) You need to understand that higher tiers need to be more expensive then the other tier.

E) You are making such a big deal out of this whole thing, just drop it at this point.


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Yes it is his. I used to work and he works at CoastBlox as a developer. Just stop.

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Why this over RankGun though? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You need to be respectful. Kindly, you have to understand that it’s his work and this is not a place to argue. Also, this getting off-topic so please stop.

RankGun is an amazing service, but I’m going to work very hard on making this better then it.

I’m almost sure that this will be forgotten in under 3 months, with no updates.


I have to agree with you because I have seen a lot of announcements by @Alex with no updates after few months. However, this getting off-topic and please let’s comment the service and do some suggestions.


I agree, whilst the service looks promising, often times services like these are discarded after awhile. RankGun is an amazing platform that provides services like these (if not better) for cheaper or the same price.