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Greetings, Cookie Tech community! Myself & the staff team have decided to make a public guide to different moderation actions, and what causes them. This will assist users with what could happen to their account & different signs to others that shows what has happened. We hope this can help clear up some confusion.

Table of Contents

Moderation actions

Moderation actions help punish users who break our regulations. They keep our forums safe & clean. Getting a minor action may not seem big, but it could lead to further consequences. Actions are never shown to the public & are visible to only staff members.


A warning is often given for first offenses. This can be given for minor things, like being rude. Warnings will effect further actions on your account.


A silence is mostly given for repeated or more major, post-related offences. A silence can be for any time, determined by the moderator. A silence stops a user from making or replying to any posts, however they can still read posts. A silence will effect further moderation actions regarding your account.


Users are mostly suspended due to repeated offences or major offences. Suspensions can be any length, determined by the moderator & depending on the offense. A suspension stops a user from logging into their account for the time given. A suspension will effect further, likely severe moderation on your account.

Lock trust level

When your trust level is locked - you cannot get more trust levels, regardless of if you meet requirements. Your trust level may be locked if we determine that you are breaking our rules in an attempt to gain trust levels or abusing power given by a trust level. A locked trust level might effect further action on your account.

Delete all posts

Deleting all posts will cause all posts from a user to be deleted. Moderators usually delete all posts of a user if they determine that the user has spammed posts or created various posts that violate rules. This action will likely be followed by and/or effect further action on your account.

Delete account

We delete accounts usually after various repeated offenses, or the account has been determined to be an alternate account, or intended to harm the platform. When an account is deleted, there are two options:

IP ban

When an account is deleted, the IP & email can be blacklisted from the platform. When a user tries to create an account with the same email or IP address, the account will not be created.

Just delete

The account can be just deleted. The account will be removed from the platform, however the person can recreate an account on the platform. This is a less common action to take place however is possible.


We try to keep our warnings as fair as possible – if you feel that you got an unfair warning or your account was terminated/suspended falsely you can send an appeal to . Alternatively you can message our @moderators team here on the Forums.


Staff can send different messages to users to inform them of different things. These are private communications to specific users when staff feel necessary.


A reminder can be sent to a user in order to remind them of specific rules. Moderators will send a reminder to someone when they feel that a warning may not be necessary in a situation and instead chooses to remind a user. This message may have a staff color, however will state that it is an official reminder & is not a warning.


A warning is sent to a user to create a warning. This will have an orange staff color & will state a reason. This also may include tips to fix the issue for later issues & always states it’s a warning.

Last updated on: 7/10/2022 by xcamzi - Originally written on 7/10/2022 by xcamzi on behalf of the moderation team

If you have any questions - feel free to PM a member of the @moderation team.

Thank you for reading

Cookie Tech moderation team