Question: For an upcoming storytelling project, I need suggestions

Hi everyone!

So today was a very interesting day for me. My teacher for drama class (who is really nice btw) has announced a new project based on story telling. I thought this was just like last school year, just make a story and done. But no, this time is different. And it could take a good 50/50 effect on my grades, as the teacher stated. The teacher wants this storytelling to be digital storytelling.

The teacher stated that if we want a really high grade, we are to find and use an animation software to represent any made up story.

So this got me intrigued. I wondered about the Roblox Studio animation editor. I wondered about Blender. I also thought of some suggestions a student gave.

My point here is, this project is due in roughly about 1-3 weeks from now, and I need to use an animation software for creating a short, interactive story which will blow everyone away. Let’s say I was still getting use to animation in Blender, but I know less about Roblox Studio’s animation system and nothing about the suggestions the teacher has provided currently. Which software do you think I should be using for this project?

Roblox is your best choice.

Here is my idea (don’t credit me).

Have a side animated movie, use moon animator, to add animations, learn how to play animations using NPC, and how to make them “actually walk to places”.

In front of this have buttons that you can use to make choices for the character.

(Sorry for the late response, I have a big school production, that they’re taking very seriously, which is on this coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday…)

If your doing a school project, definitely use scratch desktop. If you need help just ask me :smiley:

I think that Roblox would probably be the best, as cookie said. You can animate NPCs to do things and have different buttons for things to do, and you can make scripts to function those.

(Sorry for the late response.)

Scratch for animations wouldn’t work for the best.