Raining Tacos is coming back - What are your opinions?

So as we all know, Roblox has just done an iconic private wave for all audios that are longer than 6 seconds and that face copyright issues.

Well, news in, Roblox has now released the legacy song we all know as Raining Tacos!

So, the other day, RTC tweeted about this wave for Roblox audios and we did loose Raining Tacos in that, with it being on the platform when the song was first publish, nearly 10 years ago!

So, the owner of this song had somewhat heard this news and replied to the official RTC account saying that he did not copyright the song on the platform and that he will try his best to get it back up on the platform.

So within the past couple of days, Roblox had been seeing all these tweets about Raining Tacos and thought it would be best, along with bring back some other iconic songs. This meant the Roblox community went happy and everything was sorted again.

But let’s get deeper into this topic. As Roblox has an awaiting update being in Beta, us Roblox developers will be able to allow people to use audio in their games again meaning this update seemed somewhat useless to others if they were going to allow people to make their audios public again.
There is also another good reason to this update because if we want to prevent players from using our audio in any of their games, we can keep our audios private and we can only use them in the game that we wish to by adding it to a list.

So, what are your opinions on this? I look forward to hearing back from you all!

Kind Regard,
@ScriptedOreo :pineapple:


The point of this update was to remove copyright audios. To my knowledge you can only invite people by username, please correct me if I’m wrong on this.

So as I was looking at my audio I have uploaded on Roblox, you can insert the Audio ID into a game you develop for and give that game access. so lets say I was to give a random game of mine permission to an audio, I would have to get the place ID, and insert it into the following: