Rank gun promote command?

@Noah So I was wondering if rank gun has a feature for promoting commands in your game?? It would be really helpful if there is. If there is then could you tell me how to get it??

Hey there! First off, you don’t need to ping Cookie, he’ll be with you whenever he sees this topic (which doesn’t take long).

Secondly, I believe RankGun has a promotion system. I would recommend checking the RankGun Docs … if you still can’t find a solution there, then you can ask someone who has more experience with RankGun.

I think that this also applies to the promote/demote command. BUT, you can still use the API to do this yourself.

POST /ranking/promote
Promote a user to the next rank in your workspace.


workspace_id (integer, required): The ID of your Roblox workspace.
username (string, optional): The username of the target user.
user_id (integer, optional): The user ID of the target user.
api-token (string, required, header): Your API token for authentication.```

Our updated commands for the Version 2 systems are in development and coming soon. They aren’t currently released. However, as Sam showed, you can certainly make your own with our api. Documentation here.

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