RankGun Issue (Website)

I am having an issue where whenever I press on my RankGun workspace it instantly kicks me out. I already contacted support, but I also wanted to know what the people of the forums think could solve the issue. Thanks!


(Please ignore that there are 2. It is a bug.)

Could be a problem if you have a slow internet connection, all the data takes long to load or there is a server issue inside of RG

Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?

Hope this helped :smiley:

*a side note when you clear your cookies*

If you clear you cookies, try and clear all cookies on all pages, as RG may use an external server to process requests.

!!! NOTE!!: If you clear your cookies, most sites will ask you to sign in to their website again! So make sure you dont forget a password!

Note 2: Clearing cache may remove cached images, so if you are on a slow internet connection, images may take longer to load.

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Unfortunately it didn’t work.

And I have 5G wifi so I don’t think that is the issue.

Is this 5G speeds or is it like a mobile dongle?

5G speeds. (200-400 mbps)

Just contact support, don’t post it here, it was a problem with an API blocking your requests.