RankGun Issues (custom)

I am trying to make a custom ranking thing and it isn’t working. I tried typing the URL into my browser and this error comes up:

That’s because you’re unable to do that. RankGun uses Headers for the password, and, you don’t have any headers, so it can’t get the password.

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So how do implement that to the url?

Are you looking to do this in roblox? There’s no way I’m aware to do it in the URL.

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  1. GET: Retrieves data from the server. Should have no other effect.
  2. PUT: Replaces target resource with the request payload. Can be used to update or create a new resource.
  3. PATCH: Similar to PUT, but used to update only certain fields within an existing resource.
  4. POST: Performs resource-specific processing on the payload. Can be used for different actions including creating a new resource, uploading a file, or submitting a web form.
  5. DELETE: Removes data from the server.
  6. TRACE: Provides a way to test what the server receives. It simply returns what was sent.
  7. OPTIONS: Allows a client to get information about the request methods supported by a service. The relevant response header is Allow with supported methods. Also used in CORS as preflight request to inform the server about actual the request method and ask about custom headers.
  8. HEAD: Returns only the response headers.
  9. CONNECT: Used by the browser when it knows it talks to a proxy and the final URI begins with https://. The intent of CONNECT is to allow end-to-end encrypted TLS sessions, so the data is unreadable to a proxy.

HttpService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

You need to send a POST request to the server not a GET request. To do this you’ll have to use PostAsync. When you

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If so, this should help.

local apiKey = "APIKeyHere"
local workspaceId = "WorkspaceIDHere"
local rank = 1 --- Rank ID Here
local user_id = 1 -- User id here

	local headers = {
		["api-token"] = apiKey

	local url = BaseURL .. "ranking/set-rank?workspace_id=" .. workspaceId .. "&rank=" .. rank .. "&user_id=" .. user_id

	local success, request = pcall(function()
		return HttpService:RequestAsync({
			Url = url,
			Method = "POST",
			Headers = headers,

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