RankGun Release V2 is under 24hrs away!

RankGun is by far one of my biggest projects, this is why I’m glad to confirm the release of RankGun V2 which includes a fully interactive web panel is releasing in under 24 hours.

We’ll be releasing live on stage tomorrow at 9PM BT.

If you have discord you can join the live event, if not you can finally get access to the RankGun Panel if you do not have discord, which was a highly requested feature.

A lot is changing and I’m very proud as this is my first time making a web panel like this. I can’t wait to share this with you!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them down below , I would be happy to resolve them for you! :slight_smile:


Could you give the site link?? I cannot find it on google.



Wait… How do I get the uername and password from the website? Is it just my credentials used to log in? Can I still use the “Ranking Sticks”?

It’s just workspace ID and API key now.

Ok. Where do I get the code for the ranking sticks? The docs are pretty much empty now.

They no longer exist, they’ll be upgraded and added soon.

Oh. Is there anything I can use that doesn’t require API? (I’m a terrible scripter)

Yes, if you use the panel there is a lot at your disposal

I am not elite. What can I do? I am workspace ID 199

There is much you can do on the panel

I am not elite, so it appears I can only use tasks, and the application center.

Elite is quite cheap, and a service like this isn’t cheap to run. If you really want a cheap service, then you’ll need to use Tovy, and host it on your own.

I understand that. But I am just wondering if more is to come for free.